Trailhead and Trailblazer Community

Follow the steps and earn the shiny badge of Trailhead and Trailblazer Community


Get Started with Trailhead and Trailblazer Community


1. Who is Trailhead for?

A) Developers
B) Admins
C) Business users
D) Everyone

2. What are the benefits of being active in the Trailblazer Community?

A) You can learn new skills with other Trailblazers
B) You can complete hands-on-challenges live with other learners
C) You can connect and give back with fellow Trailblazers
D) A and B
E) A and C


Find Your Way Around


1. How is a project different from a hands-on challenge?

A) A hands-on challenge gives you a set of requirements to meet, while a project gives you step-by-step instructions
B) A hands-on challenge earns you points, while a project doesn't
C) A hands-on challenge is easy, while a project is hard
D) A hands-on challenge gives you fewer points than a project step

2. What can you find in your Trailblazer Community feed?

A) A list of recommended Trailhead modules
B) Posts from Trailblazers and topics you follow, and groups you're a member of
C) A real-time feed of posts written by Salesforce employees
D) The same posts you see in the Chatter feed of your company's org


Build Your Network with Trailblazer Community


1. How is the best answer selected for a question in the Trailblazer Community?

A) Every Trailblazer in the Community votes
B) The Trailblazer who wrote the question selects it
C) The Trailblazer who answered the question first selects it
D) The two first Trailblazers to respond play a game of virtual rock, paper, scissors

2. What is a Salesforce MVP?

A) A Salesforce employee who leads a Trailblazer community
B) Someone who told their #MyTrailblazerStory at a Salesforce conference
C) A Trailblazer nominated by their peers who show exemplary expertise, leadership, and generosity in the Community
D) A Trailblazer who has answered more questions than anyone else in the Community


Troubleshoot and Solve Problems Together


1. If you’re having trouble with the hands-on challenge in Web Chat Basics, where should you go for help?

A) The Hands-On Challenge page in Trailhead Help
B) The release notes for the latest Salesforce major release
C) The #Trailhead Challenges topic in the Trailblazer Community
D) A then B
E) A then C

2. What is myTrailhead?

A) A way to close the skills gap at your company
B) The Trailhead home page
C) The unique link to your profile
D) The Trailhead mobile app