Trailhead Basics

Follow the steps and earn the shiny badge of Trailhead Basics

Unit -1
Get Started with Trailhead


1. Who is Trailhead for?

A) Developers
B) Admins
C) Business Users
D) Everyone

2. What's one reason to sign up for Trailhead with a social media account?

A) All your friends will know you're using Trailhead.
B) You'll still be able to log in no matter where your career takes you.
C) You'll never forget your password.
D) You won't accidentally make changes in your production org when you complete hands-on challenges.

3. What is a Trailhead playground?

A) A forum made up of other Trailhead users
B) A jungle gym where Astro and friends hang out
C) An org you can use to test your Salesforce skills and complete hands-on challenges
D) A series of modules and projectsLog in to take this quiz

Unit -2
Find Your Way Around Trailhead


1. What's a module?

A) A series of hands-on steps to implement a feature
B) A real-life business scenario for you to solve
C) A series of topics that help you learn a new skill, product, or role
D) A single learning topic

2. How is a project different from a hands-on challenge?

A) A hands-on challenge gives you a set of requirements to meet, while a project gives you step-by-step instructions.
B) A hands-on challenge earns you points, while a project doesn't.
C) A hands-on challenge is easy, while a project is hard.
D) A hands-on challenge gives you fewer points than a project step.

3. How do you advance ranks in Trailhead?

A) By seniority: The longer you've had a Trailhead account, the higher your rank is.
B) You earn points and badges by completing modules and projects.
C) You work your way through an entire trail.
D) You finish every module and project.Log in to take this quiz

Unit -3
Troubleshoot and Find Answers to Common Questions


1. Where's the first place to look for help with Trailhead?

A) Google
B) Salesforce StackExchange
C) Salesforce Help & Training
D) Trailhead Help

2. What's the point of earning points?

A) It's fun!
B) You need to earn points to advance ranks
C) You can redeem points for cash prizes
D) A and B
E) A and C